I’ve done a few blogs in the past.  Once.  Each.  I can’t even recall how to find them.  They are out there somewhere in the world.  I’m hoping this time will be different.  So, welcome to my blog.  I actually have a few things to say today.  I don’t always.  I’ll try to spare you those times.

First, I looked up the stats to see compared to last year-  do we really have so few homes on the market here in Jupiter?  Here’s what I found…..  drum roll, hold your breath, sit down….  Maybe just continue reading…

Last year from January to November 21st – (all residential real estate in Jupiter- single family homes, but not waterfront, 55+, foreclosure, nor short sale)

1202 homes went “active”.  So this misses homes that sold right away on day 1 – 10.

522 Sold.

Of the solds, the average sales price was $393,779. 


This year from January to November 21st-

1281 actives (same- missed day 1 – 10 new ones that sold)

610 Sold

$439,122 average sale price

So, what can we get from this brief glimpse…. 

Really, the amount of homes on the market seems fairly similar- 79 more homes in fact than last year. 

Prices are going up.  That’s a bit more than a 10% increase over last year. 

The price increase is consistent with what I’ve been seeing as I’ve been out there showing homes and talking with owners.  The # of homes on the market does not seem consistent.  There are homes on the market.  They are just moving off the market more quickly. 

Next blog, I’ll take a look at days on market as a factor. 





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