DOM means Days on Market

DOM, as it is written on the MLS, is an indication of the health of the market. In Jupiter, homes are selling. Here are the stats:

This month in Jupiter-

# of homes actively on the market: 968
Avg. DOM for these active homes: 131

Total sold this month: 138
Avg. DOM for the sold homes: 88

Under contract this month: 113
Avg. DOM for these homes: 86

The homes that have gone under contract and have sold this month are selling within 3 months. But there are these other homes that are taking longer.  Owners should carefully consider price, marketing, staging, etc when preparing their home to sell.

Thus, it is important for a seller to price the home right from the start, be prepared to sell quickly, and to not wait to find their new home. And if you are a seller and get a buyer who must sell their home, this information can help you to see that if they price appropriately and market their home sufficiently, it may be worth the wait depending on the other terms of the contract.

Welcome to a seller’s market.


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