Am I ready to sell? Step 1 : Preparing my home

Preface:  This is a great article from House Logic.  I’ve seen so many homes with buyers and sellers over the years.  The stand-out homes aren’t the fancy homes.  Buyers forgive issues like smaller square footage, older, and imperfect floor plans when they see a home that is clean, decluttered, freshly painted in a neutral (but not boring) shades, etc.  This all seems very obvious but it is so important that I’m posting this article for emphasis. 

I’d say that 3/4ths of the homes that I visit with buyers do not follow this advice.  It’s probably more than that.  So, if you carefully follow this, you’ll be ahead of 75% of the other homes on the market like yours. 

I get asked all the time, though, why this is important given the lopsided nature of the market right now.  There are few homes and lots of buyers.  Here’s what happens though-  homes that do not follow this advice get offers but the buyers are not as willing to pay full price as they want to leave room for the obvious repairs/fixes needed.  When a home is not clean and neat, the buyers assume it needs work.  However, a home that is clean and neat gives the impression that it is well maintained and buyers are more willing to pay top dollar and even join in on a multiple offer scenario. 

My advice?  Read the below article.  Call me.  I will come by and give you advice from a fresh, objective perspective on things that can be done to improve your home for sale (no obligation of course).  Do those things and have your home professionally cleaned.  It’s $100 to $200 for a full cleaning.  It’s well worth it though for the extra $1000’s you are likely to gain for a clean, neat home vs. an “as-is” home.  Blow buyers away when they walk in your door.  That is the goal. 

Thank you!  Here is the article: 


7 Tips for Staging Your Home
Article From

By: G. M. Filisko
Published: March 19, 2010

Make your home warm and inviting to boost your home’s value and speed up the sale process.
The first step to getting buyers to make an offer on your home is to impress them with its appearance so they begin to envision themselves living there. Here are seven tips for making your home look bigger, brighter, and more desirable.
The first step to getting buyers to make an offer on your home is to impress them with its appearance so they begin to envision themselves living there. Here are seven tips for making your home look bigger, brighter, and more desirable.
1. Start with a clean slate.
Before you can worry about where to place furniture and which wall hanging should go where, each room in your home must be spotless. Do a thorough cleaning ( right down to the nitpicky details like wiping down light switch covers. Deep clean and deodorize carpets and window coverings.
2. Stow away your clutter. (
It’s harder for buyers to picture themselves in your home when they’re looking at your family photos, collectibles, and knickknacks. Pack up all your personal decorations. However, don’t make spaces like mantles and coffee and end tables barren. Leave three items of varying heights on each surface, suggests Barb Schwarz of Staged Homes in Concord, Pa. For example, place a lamp, a small plant, and a book on an end table.
3. Scale back on your furniture.
When a room is packed with furniture, it looks smaller, which will make buyers think your home is less valuable than it is. Make sure buyers appreciate the size of each room by removing one or two pieces of furniture. If you have an eat-in dining area, using a small table and chair set makes the area seem bigger.
4. Rethink your furniture placement.
Highlight the flow of your rooms by arranging the furniture to guide buyers from one room to another. In each room, create a focal point on the farthest wall from the doorway and arrange the other pieces of furniture in a triangle around the focal point, advises Schwarz. In the bedroom, the bed should be the focal point. In the living room, it may be the fireplace, and your couch and sofa can form the triangle in front of it.
5. Add color to brighten your rooms. (
Brush on a fresh coat of warm, neutral-color paint in each room. Ask your real estate agent for help choosing the right shade. Then accessorize. Adding a vibrant afghan, throw, or accent pillows for the couch will jazz up a muted living room, as will a healthy plant or a bright vase on your mantle. High-wattage bulbs in your light fixtures will also brighten up rooms and basements.
6. Set the scene.
Lay logs in the fireplace, and set your dining room table with dishes and a centerpiece of fresh fruit or flowers. Create other vignettes throughout the home – such as a chess game in progress – to help buyers envision living there. Replace heavy curtains with sheer ones that let in more light.
Make your bathrooms feel luxurious by adding a new shower curtain, towels, and fancy guest soaps (after you put all your personal toiletry items are out of sight). Judiciously add subtle potpourri, scented candles, or boil water with a bit of vanilla mixed in. If you have pets (, clean bedding frequently and spray an odor remover before each showing.
7. Make the entrance grand.
Mow your lawn and trim your hedges, and turn on the sprinklers for 30 minutes before showings to make your lawn sparkle. If flowers or plants don’t surround your home’s entrance, add a pot of bright flowers. Top it all off by buying a new doormat and adding a seasonal wreath to your front door.
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G.M. Filisko is an attorney and award-winning writer who occasionally rearranges her furniture to find the best placement-and keep her dog on his toes. A frequent contributor to many national publications including, REALTOR® Magazine, and the American Bar Association Journal, she specializes in real estate, business, personal finance, and legal topics.


How to be a good home seller

Selling your home can be uncomfortable, disruptive, and emotional. Sellers often have mixed feelings about moving. Some are even just “seeing what happens” and are not 100% ready to move. So, it isn’t always easy to sell your home, even in the best of circumstances. What can you do to improve this experience?

First, physically prepare your home. Go around with a checklist (or me) and make a note of the things that you will need to do to get your home ready for sale. Simple things like adding some flowering plants to the front of your home can make a difference. I can walk around with you to point out some simple and inexpensive ways to prepare your home. This step will also help you to mentally prepare.

Work with an agent (like me) who is flexible, listens to your needs, and will respect you and your home during this process. Some sellers think that a super aggressive real estate associate is the best – not true! An experienced agent that matches your style and communicates well is the best choice. There will be days that you do not want to show your home- having an agent who respects this and works around your needs will make the process a bit easier.

Work with an agent. Doing this yourself sounds great for saving money but, in reality, it often does not end up that way. Typically, homes that sell with a real estate agent sell for more (according to the National Association of Realtors: “FSBOs accounted for 9% of home sales in 2012. The typical FSBO home sold for $174,900 compared to $215,000 for agent-assisted home sales.” FSBO’s are For Sale By Owner homes). Buyers expect to also save money in purchasing the home since they know you are not paying a commission. To get less money and work harder is just not a great idea.

Once your home is on the market- leave your home during all home showings. I cannot emphasize this enough. Many owners make the mistake of staying home because they are nervous about strangers walking through their home. Have your agent accompany all showings if you are nervous. If your agent uses an electronic lockbox (as I do) instead of a combination lockbox, there will be a record of every agent who shows your home. I have shown many, many homes with the seller remaining in the home. That is never a positive for the buyer. Buyers always, always feel less comfortable and have difficulty “owning” the home. This means the chance of sale is reduced. Take a walk, go for a quick drive, at least sit in your backyard during the showing. It’ll be less stressful for you too. Watching a stranger walk around your home really is not comforting anyway.

I hope some of these tips are helpful. Most of us will be selling our home within the next few years. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help you prepare and sell your home.

DOM means Days on Market

DOM, as it is written on the MLS, is an indication of the health of the market. In Jupiter, homes are selling. Here are the stats:

This month in Jupiter-

# of homes actively on the market: 968
Avg. DOM for these active homes: 131

Total sold this month: 138
Avg. DOM for the sold homes: 88

Under contract this month: 113
Avg. DOM for these homes: 86

The homes that have gone under contract and have sold this month are selling within 3 months. But there are these other homes that are taking longer.  Owners should carefully consider price, marketing, staging, etc when preparing their home to sell.

Thus, it is important for a seller to price the home right from the start, be prepared to sell quickly, and to not wait to find their new home. And if you are a seller and get a buyer who must sell their home, this information can help you to see that if they price appropriately and market their home sufficiently, it may be worth the wait depending on the other terms of the contract.

Welcome to a seller’s market.


I’ve done a few blogs in the past.  Once.  Each.  I can’t even recall how to find them.  They are out there somewhere in the world.  I’m hoping this time will be different.  So, welcome to my blog.  I actually have a few things to say today.  I don’t always.  I’ll try to spare you those times.

First, I looked up the stats to see compared to last year-  do we really have so few homes on the market here in Jupiter?  Here’s what I found…..  drum roll, hold your breath, sit down….  Maybe just continue reading…

Last year from January to November 21st – (all residential real estate in Jupiter- single family homes, but not waterfront, 55+, foreclosure, nor short sale)

1202 homes went “active”.  So this misses homes that sold right away on day 1 – 10.

522 Sold.

Of the solds, the average sales price was $393,779. 


This year from January to November 21st-

1281 actives (same- missed day 1 – 10 new ones that sold)

610 Sold

$439,122 average sale price

So, what can we get from this brief glimpse…. 

Really, the amount of homes on the market seems fairly similar- 79 more homes in fact than last year. 

Prices are going up.  That’s a bit more than a 10% increase over last year. 

The price increase is consistent with what I’ve been seeing as I’ve been out there showing homes and talking with owners.  The # of homes on the market does not seem consistent.  There are homes on the market.  They are just moving off the market more quickly. 

Next blog, I’ll take a look at days on market as a factor.